Bedtime: hands down the worst part of my day since 2010. #NaBloPoMo

Mr. Chef went out to a wedding this evening. Our girl knew that it was his night for bedtime, and as such, demonstrated her great displeasure at the injustice of being put to bed by her mother on a Sunday night. She gave it her everything, and because staying awake is her superpower, she managed to still be awake by the time her father got home. So, he did bedtime after all. Oy.


Looks like you win, kid. 


I would also like to point out that we tired no naps for two days, and then suffered greatly for that folly.


It's NaBloPoMo and I just had a hella long evening waging a loosing battle against wakefulness and so this is all you get. You're welcome. My pleasure. Come again.


If you've embarked on a NaBloPoMo quest, let me know in the comments ! I'd love to stop by for a visit.