Small Style, #Nablopomo Style

Well, HELLO there. Nice to see you on this fine Thursday in NABLOPOVEmber. 

In cease it was not already self evident, I'm writing a blog post per day in November, and as a side-effect of this overhasty and reckless endeavour, sometimes my brain is empty of thoughts. And yet, I still need to post.

So, in that vien, let's just slap up a few pictures, provide a Stella update, and call it a blog post, shall we?

Things are chugging along pretty nicely at Expatria Rumah. With the exception of a protracted (TWO HOUR!) bedtime routine, and resultant post-pre-school crack-ups (body slamming the floor, throwing off one shoe, only one, every time) we're all just tickety-boo around here. 

To say that Stella loves school is an understatement. She announces each morning, I GO SCHOOL! and then proceeds to loose her mind if I take too long to get ready. Alternately, she'll announce that she's going without me. Mama stay HERE. Bye mama. See you.  When it's go-time she runs into the hallway and screams aaaahhhhhhahaaaaaa as her tiny backpack flops around behind her. 

When not in school, she passes her time running up and down the hotel hallways pushing a red grocery cart. I go see cars, mama! And she's off with her groceries to look at the traffic circle and watch out for nanu-nanu cars, which, to the layperson, are police cars, fyi. 

An other favourite pastime is charming the pants of everyone in the hotel. On our trips down to the pool (shopping cart in tow, because, obvs) she waves, Hi! Good morning (ps, it's 3:30 pm) hello! how ah you!

She also loves posing for pictures. Cheeeeewwweees. 

Other favourite pastime include singing quinkle-quinkle wittle star, like a dina in da sky, and watching Olivia on her iPad on infinite repeat. She can now quote entire lines from the show, and should I suggest that iPad time is finished, she commands, MAMA GO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEEPPPP! She knows me, that kid. She knows. 

Stella simultaniously bows and blows a kiss when saying tee-tuuuu (again, for the uninitiated, this means thank you). Both are holdovers from previous languages (Japanese and baby sign) and each time she does it I die dead dead dead. 

She's a great shareer, and always sings, teee-tuuuu, welcome! after offering her friend a bite of her snack. She's a stickler for good manners, this kiddo.

She's never met a noodle she doesn't like. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Noodles. She's Asian, you know.

If tabasco is on the table, it's on her food. It's the way she likes it.

Stella hates rice (so I guess she's not so Asian after all), hair adornments of all kinds, bathing, anything but her beloved Native shoes, waking up from naps, and going to sleep. She'll cut you if you try to take away her iPad. She will. 

She calls her father Uncle Papi because the other kids call him that. At least she doesn't call him Uncle Butt, which is the unfortunate moniker she's bequeathed upon my husband's colleague. Oy.

And that concludes your Stella Update. The end.

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Stella Wore

dress // bobo choses

stains // chocolate ice cream + oranges.