Scandi Stella

I'm having a Scandinavian moment. I'm finding that my imagination keeps being drawn to clean, architectural design, with pops of colour. While a bright and airy white apartment somewhere in Stockholm is kind of beyond my reach, colourful, graphic Scandi clothing for my girl is totally doable.

I love the Scandinavian approach (okay, NORDIC, I don't want to leave out any Fins) to dressing children: simple design, colourful and bright, perfect for playing in. Also, I think that you get extra hipster credit if your kid wears something that was designed in Sweden. Here's a great UK based shop that ships internationally! Yay! I spent a good few hours yesterday loading and unloading my virtual shopping basket. Its kind of a thing that I do.

Wanna see what I'm dreaming of for my little girl?


Scandi Stella


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