A blog post about aliens, my absence, and a lot of parentheses.

Oh, hey. Hi. Right. I used to be a person who came here, and wrote stuff, and posted pictures, and made a lot of typos. Yeah. And then I vanished. 


I bet you thought I got abducted by aliens. I didn't, just in case you were worried. (PS I used that excuse once in an essay that I wrote in tenth grad explaining why I missed English class. My teacher did not buy it. He did, however, complement me on my creativity, and my dramatic narrative arch. PS the real reason that I missed English class that time was so that I could go driving on the back roads with the older kids. We saw a donkey. It was thrilling.)


Anyway, Yeah. I've been gone. Basically, I'm cooking up three super awesome projects right now and that's soaking up all my time and energy. 


I don't really have anything to tell you that would rival the dramatic narrative arch in my famed alien essay, because it's basically been me and my computer along with a few trips to the grocery store. Thrilling, I know.


Oh, I guess there was that one time when my kid had "a respiratory event" in the middle of the night (it's called that because she hasn't been formally diagnosed with asthma, but picture a pretty significant asthma attack in the middle of the night in a foreign country, and, well, you get the idea.) Anyway, after treatment with a nebuliser, some ventolin syrup, and some time, she's fine now, but there were a few restless and sleepless nights as I silently fretted about indoor pollution and my husband plotted demise of our carpeted floors.


I also learned that in Indonesia, common triggers of asthma and / or allergies include rain, cold air, fans, air conditioners, cold milk (hot milk is totally cool though!!!), and chocolate. Hmmm. 


(Speaking of cold, now that it's rainy season (though still hot and humid as ever) people are bundling up in scarves and coats while I'm sweating buckets at 8:30 AM, shlepping my kid as we hunt for a taxi.)


(I appear to be making fun of Indonesia a lot, but I still love it here.)


We're in full swing getting ready for the Christmas season (where full swing = opening an advent calendar that we didn't even buy, but was sent to us by loving grandparents). So yeah, nary a present has been bought. There are no decorations, no cookies, no cards, noting. I'd say I'm in pretty good shape, wouldn't you agree??


Stella's best friend is on vacation, and about 50 times a day I have to answer the question, "Where's mine Fwiend ? Where's Fwiend's brother? Where's Fwiend's Mummy? Where's Fwiend's Daddy?" Toddlers, man. Totally lacking in the logic department. 


(Gawd, this blog post totally blows. No wonder I haven't been around much. I've forgotten how to write coherent thoughts.)