Pretty Pictures + A Giveaway

Things move at a snail's pace in Jakarta. I, generally, move at a snail's pace. It's a bad combo.


I've been meaning to get this post up for weeks. But. Well. Ummm.


We've been in our new apartment for about, oh, about three months, give or take, and I still have all my pictures propped up against walls, some even still left to frame.

I'm putting together a gallery wall. Because obvs. I'm a blogger. And I imagine myself a hipster, even though I'm just this side of over the hill, and not particularly hip to the ster. It's all taking a lot of brain space to figure out exact right placement of everything, you know?


Anyway. Snails pace. This is pictorial proof.


But, some of the pictures that I just can't wait to get up came to be via Elin of My Own Art.


She does custom made art images taking your own snapshots and creating truly wonderful works of art. See? Lovely, right?




Elin does some really wonderful work, like these watercolours. Or these images using your child's own artwork. She made a wonderful collage of Mr. Chef and Stella in front of a Torii, a lovely memory from Japan. But since Mr. Chef is a super top secret spy Chef, his identity can not be revealed here. 

She's super helpful, and willing to work with you on colour schemes other ideas to make your image really great.


I still haven't got mine framed yet; I haven't yet figured out the best option for framing here in Jakarta, but I just couldn't stand not getting them up on the wall. So Here! Washi tape to the rescue. Washi tape always. 


Ohhhhh, and now for some exciting news.


Here's a coupon code for $30 off any purchace from My Own Art. Tempting, no?

Use the code 30expatriababy. It will be valid until the 31st December. 


Annnnnnd, that's not all, THERE'S MORE! 

Elin has offered my readers the chance to win a My Own Art image of their own! Horary! Presents! Just before Christmas!

The giveaway includes a free digital file, and is open worldwide.


To Enter:

Go to My Own Art and take a look around.

Leave a comment below to enter. Tell me something awesome. Tell me which style of print you'd like. Tell me that you're a worse procrastinator than me. 

Like Expatria, Baby on Facebook.

Follow me on Twitter.

Tweet / FB about the giveaway.

Leave a separate comment for each entry.


Yay! And Good Luck!


The giveaway will stay open until Christmas Eve Eve (23rd Dec) North America time. That way, it'll be like the winner gets a present right from Elin! Tis the season!


I was not compensated for this review. I did, however, receive four free digital images which are currently awaiting a permanent spot on my wall.