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Mondays could use some help, no? Especially Mondays when you know that you'll be spending the morning a the Chinese Consulate praying that they issue your child a visa. So, clearly I spent a good amount of time on the weekend distracting myself from the visa anxiety with a dose all things interwebular. And now you can too. Here you go:

Sing this song to your kid, and you'll be sucked into a time / space vortex of memory (if you were a child of the eighties and also Canadian), plus your kid will love it. Promise. But you have to do the dance. 

Ever wonder about breastfeeding in Mongolia? I totally did. And now you can know everything. Its super interesting. I'd suggest that you read it.

I'm obsessed with this artist. She's a Scandi. Which is why she's awesome. Obvs.

Oh, and is this little blind kitty not, like, the totally the most adorable thing ever?

Speaking of cute things on YouTube, Stella and I were mesmerized by this wee guy, sweet Lil Drac.

Far and away, the most hilarious thing I read all week. Oh boy, I can't wait till my kid starts really talking.

My writer friend wrote this about screen-free kids. And I totally aspire to be that kind of parent, but, well, cute animal videos on YouTube.

On a more serious note, my friend Aisha, who writes one of my favourite expat blogs, is hosting a series on mental health issues called Breaking The Code of Silence. I urge you to check it out; it's powerful stuff. And, if you're interested - why not offer up a guest post?

Okay, that's it from me. Cross your fingers and toes that we get our visa!!


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