Past the tipping point

Let me confess something to you.

I have never written on a blog before - or not that often, if you take my occasional comments on my wifes Blog into consideration. Yet, when my wife started packing last week to go visit her friends in China I just somehow thought it would be rather cool to write a Guest post on my wifes Blog as Mr Chef.  

I should have thought about that a little bit more before I managed to convince my lovely wife to hand me her log in credentials - which by the way was probably not easy for her to do given her experience with me and her Facebook account. 

So, here I am, past the Tipping Point, and I still have not managed to post a Blog entry. It really is not that easy. I thought, I just wait til I have a day off, sit down, write something really cool about being a Chef and how it is not like Mr Anthony Bourdain makes it look like. I mean, thanks to this guy a majority of people assume every Chef lives like a Rock star, enjoys live a little bit too much and goes on about values of the industry while selling himself out. 

But then, who would want to read about 14 hours days, irregular days off, phone calls from Team members in the middle of the night about yet another Bacon crisis and last minute cancelled vacations. Totally true but really boring. 

So here I am, trying to write down something witty, smart or potentially interesting to my wifes readers. I look at some of the past posts my wife wrote to get inspired - and inspired I am. But when I read some of her past posts, look at what I wanted to write about my days as a chef. I just thought to myself, wow, how does she do that ? 

I mean really, we are in a small City in a Country with a language that is not that easy to learn and managed to get pregnant in our 1st week here. Most days, I am gone for 12 to 14 hours and regular days off is something that only recently came into our lives. Yet, my wife is doing a fantastic job raising our beautiful baby Girl while keeping the cats in check, writing her blog & articles while doing most of the house work and still greets me with a smile when I come home yet another hour later than promised. 

And I think to myself, that instead of doing yet another show with Mr AnthonyBourdain that maybe they should do a show about the wifes behind the Chefs. Who put up with all the insanity we Chefs seem to need in order to have satisified work life. To me really, those wifes are the real Hereos. 

So Erica, thank you ! Thank you for being a huge part of my life and giving me the support you do while being the best mum ever ! Without my 2 princess in my life, I could not do what I do every day. 

Now, you might wonder what this all has to do with the Past the tipping Point title ? As any Husband knows who has been alone for extended period of time the Tipping Point is where you wonder wether you should do the laundry or wait til the wife is back - hence, past the Tipping point... ( Hi Erica )

Oh, and yes, of course I did the laundry. I even mopped the floors while watching an Oilers game.

I am learning. 



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