Further revelations about the food that I like to shove into my face-hole

Okay. Remember the Sometimes Sweet Clean-Eating Challenge?? So I did it. (Kind of). I did a WEEK (six days minus three hours) of sugar free! And it was both more torturous and less awful than I had expected it to be.



Here’s what I did. No white sugar. No added sugar at all, in fact. No potatoes. No white rice. No white bread. Fruit got a pass. So did milk products. And wine. Obvs. 


Here’s where I cheated: Nomming jam on day one, breakfast one. A little potato action on day five. Because Mr. Chef cooked dinner. And I didn’t want to be rude. And I didn't always make hippie fairy dust bread. Because my kid decided that it was disgusting. So. Well. Whatever. We're working on the recipe. 



While I needed a little bit of time to say good-bye to my raspberry jam on Monday morning, after that, things were pretty easy in the cravings department. I had an open bar of 70 % chocolate sitting on my shelf in plain view the whole week, and I totally didn’t even eat any. Or really feel like eating any. I was just like, whatever, chocolate. Live and let live. No bigs. 


I was only drawn into the vortex of sweet craving when I was having an exceptionally bad day, and okay, I cheated a bit by eating chips, because it was that or jump through the phone and strangle Mr. Chef because he was home late, through no fault of his own and so crunch crunch crunch nom. But that’s potatoes are not sugar, so it doesn’t count. Kind of. Whatever. This is my blog so I can fool myself as much as I’d like. Cognitive dissonance and I are besties.


Anyway, bottom line, the cravings weren't so bad. And when I pined for sweetness, after a meal, a cup of something hot would typically fix me right up.


What was terrible was the sugar withdrawal. You guys. Face punching is more pleasurable. And I eat a pretty healthy diet, generally; very little of what I consume is processed; I never buy cookies, or candy or much of anything fun. It’s all yoghurt and veggies and fruit and okay, lots of 70% Lindt. So I thought I’d get a pass on the ol’ sug withdrawal. 




Sore throat. Lethargy. Bedtime by, like, 8. A feeling at 4 PM on day three like I was either coming down with bird flu or dying. 


That alone was enough to convince me that my sugar habit, as slight as it is, needs a boot right out my front door.


But not before I shoved my face full of cake today. And had a very LARGE sip of a milk shake. And three fries. And a mini bundt cake. Okay, two (but one was a broken one and was missing a piece and a bit crumbly so it had way fewer calories, you know?!?!?!) Whatever. It was my husband's birthday.


So, I’m not going to go all ninja on sugar or anything. It's kind of unavoidable in Asia. But I’m continuing to be no white sugar at home. No added sweeteners till mid-Month. Then a two-week reprieve while I do some gallivanting, before returning to my regimen when I'm back at home. I’ll gradually add in agave and maple syrup and other hippie fairy tinctures. Because, come on. One has to live a little. 


So, that’s what’s going on in my tummy. Riveting. Right? Thought so.


The end.