Small Style Is the One Bright Spot on This Otherwise Insane Thursday

Do you ever have one of those days? A day wherein you think you’re off to a pretty good start, breakfasted and emailed, and a quick game of vroom-vroom cars before 8:30? And you congratulate yourself on your industriousness and general maternal awesomeness, and think yes, but we’d be more awesome if were were clean, so you run the water for a shower, undress yourself, undress your kid and then get surprised by a wayward (and airborne) poop. And while you’re cleaning that up, your kid pees on the floor. 


No biggie. 


You’re about to shower, so a little pee-pee won’t hurt anyone.


And then, once out of the shower, before you can get the diaper on, there’s pee again. And so it’s back in the shower for a rinse, and then a race against the pee-pee clock to re-diaper and re-dress. And then you happen upon a cat vom, and investigate further and discover that your kids pants, the ones you were just looking for, are under the bed, incrusted in feline vom.


And then back to your email to check on a brewing storm, where you try to not lose your mind because waiting for you in your inbox is a passport problem, so annoying and ridiculous and complicated that you just might come down with a brain aneurysm, and the trip to which you are looking forward with great expectancy, a trip to visit a fellow Small Styler which could ultimately result in the first ever DUO Small Style post in the history of Small Style, appears to be in grave danger. 




Just me?


Okay. Well, welcome to my Thursday.


Thankfully Wednesday was much better. It involved bike rides in the snow. Pizza. And conversation with a wonderful real-life and tangible human friend whom I met through this blog. Stella also had a great time. Mostly because she was wearing the most adorable sweater in the history of knitted garments.


And let me tell you, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Friday.

Stella Wore:

Shirt - Zutano 

Cardi - Bobo Choses 

Jeans - Baby Gap