I Can't Get You Out of My Head

China is still on my mind. I saw an exhibition by in Shanghai, and I was particularly captivated by Haung Xiaolaing's work.  Brooding and shadowy. I loved it.

Huang xiaolang

Speaking of, my friend Greta who is super smart, fluent in Mandarin with a deep understanding of China having lived Shanghai for about five years, has written an interesting post about her reflections on the changes in the city that we both keep in our hearts.

Here are some captivating images of people wearing headcoverings. 

And now, for a change of pace, eff your re-purposed sewing machine from one of the most hilarious Tumblars in existence, Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.

Speaking of hilarious, this is old, but it's from The Bloggess, so you know it's gold. And if you have anything to do with Japan, it's a must read.


And now for pretty things. Moment Junkie. Are you familiar? You should be. I'm really excited by this freshly newborn magazine. And, I'd like this doll, please. For Stella, you know. 

Everything in this shop is lovely. But I really want this pillow.

And I also want good posture and a tight yoga bum but without doing yoga. Maybe that's possible?

My friend is starting a great new meme called Wise Words Wednesday. She chooses a quote and then reflects upon it. Check it out.