Colours for Small Style

My plans for a fabulous outdoor photo shoot featuring wee miss S and springtime jacket-free outfits was foiled by a stomach bug and vom fountains. Sorry guys. Poor Stella-pop is taking a sick day.

Who am I kidding. There were no plans for amazing photos. I've had kind of a rough week or so. Waiting on pins and needles. And to top it all off, a vom fest Thursday. But you know what makes for great attention diversion? COLOURFUL BABY OUTFITS! And stories about being cute. Hooray!

Photo 1Do you know how much I love colours? Brights? A lot. 

There are two things that Miss S is really into these days: talking and clothing. 

Wee Bella B's favourite activities include shopping for clothing, where she expertly selects pieces from a rack, pulls them out, and examines them before checking the tag. It's like she's seen the whole shopping drill somewhere. I couldn't imagine where, though. She's also a big fan of folding laundry. And pulling out all the clothing from her drawers and attempting to dress her babies and then getting frustrated when she can't put the clothing on the baby and then wrapping the babies in her clothing and then being mad and then throwing everything on the floor.

Photo 2Someone is insisting on wearing my scarves. Which is totally amazing beause not only does it provide more outift options, but it also bodes well for a future of wardrobe swapping.


Also, she likes to talk. For a baby who did not babble until about 11.9 months, she's made up for lost time, wandering around the house talking in her magial langauge bitubitubitubitubitu and telling me all about her adventures at daycare with the bubbiesssssss* and the ammmms** her friend Isssssssss***.   

* = babies

** = cats

** = I'll never reveal the secret identity of Stella's BFF with whom she is too shy to actually play, but about whom she talks endlessly, although she is not too keen on using verbs or nouns, so basically we get a lot of Issssssssss bitubitubitubitu.

Photo 3Baby Flash


We've even had an official sentence: Done! Go! (trans: I'm done let's go home) {and whatever, shuttup grammar police that's totally a sentence, my kid is obviously a language prodigdy and I'll not entertain your protests of nouns and modifiers and all manner of lexical bs.)


Photo 4
And...she's gone. Standing still is not really a thing round here.

You should also probably know that she has two words in Japanese: dozo and ashi {trans: here you go! foot), two in German: bitte, and bo {trans: please, brot = bread} and xie xie, or thank you in Mandarin. 

So, what were you saying about a language delay? Oh right. That my child is a genious. Ahem.


Anyway, I bring all of this up just so that you can be fully aware of the profundity of my child's intellect and language prowess, and also to set the scene for the marriage of her two favourite things: talking and clothes. 

S ::pulls out sirt from chest of drawer, extends at arm's length, admires lovingly:: Oooooooohhhhhh yeow, itty

{Trans: Ohhhhhh, wow, pretty}

Needless to say, I'm encouraging this sort of behaviour.

Photo 5Oh this kid. Really. The best.


Stella Wore:

Jacket - Gifted 

Scarf - Target (mine)

Leggings: Tea Collection

Socks: Ploran O Pyret



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