I Can't Get You Out of My Head



Design Love Fest is my current blog obsession. Light, fresh, airy, with lots of pretty pictures and full of beautiful, inspirational project ideas, which, for a dummy like, are totally executable.

Speaking of things bloggular, doesn't this course from another blog favourite of mine sound interesting?

Here's a sweet little blog that suggests it IS possible to be pregnant and totally rad. 

Also, I'm going to be wearing my jean jacket for the rest of time, thanks to this blog post

And wouldn't this, from one of my all-time fave Etsy shops just be the perfect for the jeaniest of jackets? And they have a kids shop too. So, I'm dying.

I'm obsessed with this song. So, basically, this all means that I'm a twenty-something hipster trapped in a mom body. Eff.

It's pretty much inevitable, you know, the progression from blog enthusiast to total digital geek, but I'm not convinced that I absolutly need to become a Photoshop ninja and therefore require a pen tablet. Obviously.

This wonderful little kids shop just opened. Oh, hello new love. And BTW, Stella wants you.

This is like the coolest shop ever. And I'll take one of theses for Stella Bella's room. And while were at it, one of these for me.


I really admire people who Montessori or waldorf or otherwise organize enriching activities for their kids, and organize their homes into tidy little child-friendly spaces. Me, I'm more of a oh-please-gawd-let-me-make-it-through-the-day kind of parent, but still. I like reading about what I could be doing for my kid. And then engaging in bit of self loathing. (PS how do they keep their perfectly kid friendly rooms from getting trashed?)


Davenport_0231{source. click through this link. i'm telling you. you'll be lost of days and days and days}

My newest portrate photography obession. Could you dream of a more beautiful collection of photographs? The light. Oh the light.

Also, so inspired by this photo blog. Man. I wish there were endless hours in the day so that I could do all the awesome things, like learn how to make images this pretty.

Speaking of beutiful things. Indulge my China obession a little bit and take a trip to Fenhuan. You won't be sorry.