Having visitors means doing things. Things that are fun and enriching and super awesome and right outside the door, but things that require a disruption of the habitual and venturing outside the typical roaming territory. So, we have visitors, and to show them a good time, we went to the zoo. Were Miss Stella damn near lost her mind because BUS!!! (where bus = train). This cautious little tot was so beside herself with excitement that upon spotting the BUS!! (train), she ran over to the gates, queued up and got right on  the train by herself, sat down in a seat and waited patiently for departure. Without me. As in, alone. (Tickets, whatever the hell. We don't need them.)

Obviously I thought that this was a monumental step towards independence and big-girldom so I observed from the sidelines and waited to see what would happen. The conductor, however, did not think it was nearly so amazing, and solicited a group of Japanese mothers to hunt down this negligent parent, and demand that I supervise my child. Oh well. 

So, I bought us tickets and we rode the train for all of two minutes, and my child was totally heartbroken when the ride was over. 

Since then, we've had a constant stream of "Mama, Della, train, done!", a signed and spoken-word narration of the day's most exciting events.

Extending ourselves and pushing out of our rut has been really great.