Day 1 japan




En route to the airport, I was thrilled beyond measure. Exuberant and expectant, like a child on the eve of her birthday.


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Day 2



A late arrival, a cat nap in the car, much excitement, and an evening of catching up over Indian food lead to a super late bedtime, Miss S did not crash until about 1 am. Seriously, this child. So we took it easy the first full day in Beijing. A lazy breakfast and then a late afternoon stroll past the Drum Tower pictured below.

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Day 3



Our hosts are weeks away from repatriation and are thus occupied with the business of acquiring the mementos and keepsakes that will stoke their remembrances of China. Thus, a visit to the furniture market where we stalked stone lions and Goddesses of Mercy. 


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Day 4



Forget museums and monuments. Give me a market. Every time.

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Day 5


We wandered around a hutong to two, poking our heads into alleys in which we did not belong and being reminded of the vitality and life  and passion that exists right out there in the open in China. I miss that.

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