I Can't Get You Out of My Head

I came across some images by German photographer Michael Wolf while I was in Shanghai. He captures everything I love about big cities in Asia, and now I'm captivated. 

Michael wolf night8

(Image credit Michael Wolf.)

Speaking of Shanghai, Emily introduced me to this blog, Life on Nanchang Lu. And I'd happily get lost in it for hours. She also pointed me to Post Secret. And while I know that I'm late to the party, it is now a Sunday obsession. 

And while we're on the subject of the arts, I'm having a aural love affair with Steve Reich.

Oh, right. Now on to the serious stuff. I'm in love with this necklace from this store. And while you're there, I'll also take one of these, and these, and this. Stella will take this. And this. Why not.  


Image source.

I'll saw these shoes, and promptly began obsessing over them. Although the inevitable purchase will be made, I will spend the next six weeks telling myself that I'll be good and refrain, yet checking the site daily, you know, just because.


Image source

I want these suitcases for Stella's room. And, well, everything in the store is pretty sweet. I may have my eye on a few pillows for myself. I may be a grown up, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy wimsey!


Image source.

Also, Ikat. Please. 


Image source.

My FIRL (friend in real life) has just started a wonderful blog documenting her unconventional start in mothering. And my FOTI (friend on the internet) is running a series on marriage, and her first post is, like, totally spot on. Very wise. Finally, my FIAWG (friend in a writing group) also just started a blog about running and motherhood. If anyone could help me find the time to run it's this amazing woman, who has an amazing career, does a million things all while raising two girls and being super savvy and fab. Oh, and in a crazy turn of coincidence, we met in a writing class online (FIAWG), but it turns out we lived in the same apartment complex in Shanghai. In THE SAME BUILDING!!! At the same time. If that doesn't convince you to read her blog, than you have no faith in the joy of serendipity.