I almost forgot to take a picture yesterday, and thus, my perfect record in my 366 project was nearly tarnished. I thought about cheating and pulling a picture from my archives, but then I felt like that would make me a big liar liar pants on fire and then the internet would find out and everyone would hate me and however could I raise an honest and upstanding girl if I lied about when I took my pictures OMG EXISTENTIAL CRISIS IN MY BRAIN!

And then, phew, big sigh of relief, I remembered that I did take a random picture yesterday morning. Of my daughter's totally disorganized and overstuffed and really ugly closet. So here you go! Enjoy!


I'm still winning at 366.

But I'm loosing at organizing. Which is ridiculous, because I only have one kid, and she is not even two yet, and we barely bought her any toys and have actually very little in the way of baby paraphernalia, but still, everything is everywhere, and messy and there are no places for things, which means that my clothes horse of a kid can easily pull out her baby clothes out of boxes in her closet and strew them around her room and dress her dollies in them and so obviously she is the reason for our disorganisation and not my general housekeeping mediocrity.

But I say NO MORE! I'm organizing the hell out of my house. Major style.

With a move likely this year, I have no inclination to drag a crapload of crap to our next destination, especially since that means I'll have to find places for a crap load of stuff when I'd rather be relaxing on a beach or learning to surf (because we're moving somewhere beachy and surfey, RIGHT POWERS THAT BE??? RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT?)

So anyway, this is a really long winded, round about way of saying, I'm spring cleaning. And that my honesty overrides my pride and I would rather reveal the contents of a disorganized closet than fail at 366. 

Fascinating, I know.

I got my inspiration from Simple Mom, and am linking up there. So, storage boxes ahoy!