Small Style, China Style

Excuse me while I revel just a little longer in the memories of our China trip. Can you tell that I had, like, THE BEST time evah? 

Life in Japan is quiet and unvaried and somewhat cloistered. There are days when my most  thrilling experience, my most intense and rewarding social interaction (I mean, outside of that with my child) is the transaction with the cashier at the grocery store, whom I do not even understand. 

So going to China, I returned to where where I have real life human friends, where I lived thrill, and excitement, noise, and passion, and dirt and craziness, fireworks, and near-death taxi rides, good food and bubbly. It reminded me of myself, of who I was before Japan. I mean, I even went out! Without my kid! In the evening! To a bar! And drank the hell out of three beers! And smoked a cigarette! And talked to people! I worried that I had forgotten how. But it turns out, it's like riding a bike. 

So I feel new, and fresh. Like these pictures, which, obviously because their clarity and sharpness, were taken in Shanghai by Emily.

IMG_2482_SSduo2_smThere's some serious ton ton toning gong on over here.

My generous and kind child is obviously GIVING a toy to Jackson. And not taking it from him. Nope. 

Side eye, you crazy baby.


And then this happened. Which is why she was so warry.


I on the other hand, am loving ever minute of baby kisses.


Stella is wearing a skirt that I bought in the furniture market in Beijing. It's made in the traditional style of the Miao, and ethnic minority who live in the South Western part of China. The real skirts are typically made out of richly patterned silk and are stunningly beautiful. This one is woven, and quite cute, I must say.


Miss S, the budding clotheshorse, is now demanding that she wear skirts all the time. On the weekend, she may or may not have insisted that I take off my skirt and let her wear it. Because pants are totally unacceptable. 

Stella Wore

Skirt - Beijing Furnature Market

Top - Target

Cardi - H&M

Jacket - Baby Gap

Socks - Smartwool


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