While I was in Beijing, my friend, who happens to be expecting her first baby, introduced me to a lovely kids' shop called Tang' Roulou. She asked me if I minded stopping in. And if minded that she was taking so long selecting her treasures. MIND!? Not at all. I was totally captivated. Such lovely little things constructed in accordance to traditional Chinese patterns, but using lovely modern cotton printed fabrics. Little padded jackets. Mini qipaos. Colourful necklaces. Sweet little home deco touches. Gorgeous bedding. Tiny little hooded blankets.

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Traditional yet modern. Sweet and whimsical. Designed by a French woman and man based in Beijing.

These items are not yet available outside China, but plans are afoot for international shipping. I'll let you know when the shop goes up. If you are in China, they do have a Taobao shop.