Things About Where I've Been

IMG_3798{Image credit: Mr. Chef}

I took another unintended blogcation. We've been gone, roaming around Southern Japan. And it was beautiful, hilly, lush and the kind of verdant green that makes your nose flair and your lungs fill with the air so fresh and moist and new. As if released directly from the mitochondria of moss and bamboo to be take up directly into your lungs.

But it wasn't really the travel that kept me away. Nor the scenery. The waves at the beaches or the ramen in bowls wide and piping hot. There are things that have been going on. Things that I have written about here. Things that I haven't. Things that I'd like to tell you about, but won't. Things that I don't want to talk about but probably should. These things have have weighed on me, and I've been aching and storming and I've had a headache and I haven't been able to crack a smile in seven days. The things have drove me down, and then conspired to make the past week one of the top five most stressful of the previous decade, a decade that includes the birth of a baby, a marriage, and two instances of leaving a country with 24 horus notice. So. 

But the things are lifting up, clearning; they're setteling down, going back where they belong.

It's sunny today. I slept in. I ate my breakfast on the balcony while my girl folded the laundry. We went to the park where the cherry blossoms are still in bloom, fresh and new and pure. We ran into my midwife, she who delivered my girl, tiny and new, almost two years ago. I think that's a sign. I'll be back, and new things, better things will be beginning soon.


And, since I've been gone, I haven't really kept up on my blogging responsibilities, so horror of horror, I've fallen behind in my Top Baby Blog quest to rule the world. I'd love it if you would you give me a virtual hug in the form of a vote.


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