Small Style, Samurai Style

Psssst. Here's a little secret. My kid, in the almost two years she's been on this planet, has logged more miles than your average Sooty Shearwater. She has trekked across oceans and continents some 15 times, and seen the inside of more airplanes than I can count. Though, if pressed, I'd say 43. I dunno. It's a good number.

She's driven thousands of miles up and down Ontario, in and out of Michigan. She's seen Switzerland and China (three time if you count trips made while in utero). But the land of her birth. Nothing. Not thing. Well, except there was that one time in Tokyo.

Until last week. When that all changed. We criss-crossed Kyushu. And wore cute outfits and visited Samurai villages and stuff. 

I can report that Kyushu is beautiful. Stunning. And if you're in Japan, you should get down here STAT. But more about that later. We're talking Style that is Small. And I'd like to show you the proper way to dress when you are visiting Samurai Gardens and you're one:



You'll want to assemble your ensemble from pieces that are practical yet stylish. There are corners around which to run around and rocks upon which to climb, yet there will also be admiring tour groups and you'll want to attract all the cries of kawaiiii that you can. So. Stylish and comfortable. That's the ticket. 


You'll need a good bonnet. Because it's Japan, and that's just the thing. Also there is sun. And lots of white, reflecty sand. 


You'll want that bonnet to fasten under your chin in case you end up upside down. Which is a distinct possibility. 


And finally, you'll want layers. And a crust of bread. In case you get hungry and the only thing approaching food are cherry blossoms. Which are sort of like future food. Or something. 


Whatever. I needed to find a way to work in another sakura picture because it's kind of the law if you blog from Japan.

Stella Wore:

Tee - Baby Gap 

Cardi - H&M

Jeans - Baby Gap

Shoes - Chucks

Hat - Gifted (and so much loved)


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