Who Knew Kyushu

You guys, Kyushu is GORGEOUS. Who knew? 

I mean, I live here, but I rarely venture outside of our little city, so I know only tightly packed apartment buildings, tangles or electric wires and narrow streets, and the occasional cherry blossom. But outside, beyond the territory which we typically roam, there are mountains. And hills. Green green green. Volcanoes. Ocean. And beaches with soft sand and warm water that stretch for ever and ever.





See? Pretty, no? 


I learned a thing or two in our travels of this southern Island. First, if you're planning on vacationing in Japan and using a car as your primary means of transportation, you may want to take out a second mortgage. I dropped near a hundred big (American) ones in highway tolls in one 5 hour day of driving. Whaaaaaat?

Second, driving in Japan isn't really that scary, even if it is all opposite and left. The hardest part is learning not to turn on the wipers when you mean to signal a right turn.

Third, Japanese highway drivers are super slow. 80 km/h tops. Which is why driving in Japan is really not that scary.

Fourth, the food at roadside rest stops is totally delish and in no way greasy garbage. And if you want to explore the wilds of vending machine cuisine, this is totally the way to do it. My husband grew very fond of vendy banana flavoured hot chocolate. I did not.


Finally, this is a random situation the likes of which I do not understand. The veiw from the other side of the street, though, was amazeballs.