Small Style, Pinstripes Style

How much do I love this little pinstriped dress?

IMG_4012FYI my child is currently sleeping after a long and drawnout bedtime. But seeing her in this outfit makes we want to wake her up for post-bedtime snuggles. Gah. 

Oh, I'll tell you, LOTS. Almost as much as I love this new and exciting development which I will now recount in all my mama blogger braggery: YOU GUYS MY CHILD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR AND MADE HER FIRST JOKE TODAY AND THEN I DIED.

Its a well-known baby standard, you know, that ol' slice of bread to the ear, cocked head, "HULLO?! Papa? HI?!!!" Bahahahahahahaha bread telephone let's all die laughing. But I did, and so did she.

Later, at dinner the trickery expanded. She called me Papa. And called herself Mama. Then, when I insisted that, no, in fact, she was Stella, and I was Mama, she infomed me that she is actually ISSSSS (her BFF, who incidentally has the exact same dress OMG TWINSIES!!). And then we both died again in a puddle of giggles.

Other hilarious jokes include: spitting water out all over your pinstripe dress (actually, no, not funny at all); shaking her finger at me and stating, rather more sternly than one would think a not-yet-two-year-old capable, "OH!" {trans: NO!, and btw, it is a little bit hilarious}; running away from me at every opportunity, especially when doing so causes me great terror as I shout frantically NO! (so now that I think about it, perhaps I should rethink the "NO" game and work to establish my authority because my child clearly does not believe that I really have any).

See, running away from me. AGAIN.

But whatever, she kills me. Toddlers are hilar, and I think that I'm just on the brink of so much more fun.


IMG_4021Telling me that this is our apartment building when we both know that it actually is nothing of the sort.

Stella Wears

Top + Dress = Tea Collection 

Cardi = H&M

Shoes = Minnetonka