I Can't Get You Out of My Head

 {Source via here.}

I can't get summer out of my head. We've had sun, and breakfast on the balcony, and lovely, bright days at the park. And I want it to last forever. And ever. And ever.

Sundresses, then, are the answer. How bout this one for me. And this little one for my girl. Oh, wait, while we're at it, lets throw in this AMAZING bathing suit. Okay, thanks, imaginary shopping. 

Now, for a summer meal, here are some pretty images. Someone please transport me to a large, open room with soft white light and all my friends, okay? I'll cook. 

Speaking of pretty pretty light, this blog and this one are inspiring me so. The photography is just stunning. And my latest baby fashion obsession? This blog here. Lovely.

I've recently come across this blog about one family's experience with International adoption via Girl's Gone Child. If there were ever an example of thoughtful and intentional parenting, this post is it. Oh my heart.

Now, apropos of nothing, what if Downton Abby starred peeps? It would, obviously, be EVEN MORE AMAZING. But not quite as amazing as this video. Seriously. If you watch one thing this week, make it this. Things blowing up in slow mo. I think they've pretty much discovered the meaning of life.