Small Style, Aqua Style

I've been away from Small Style for a couple of weeks, and I must say, I've really missed my stylish friends, big and small. But we're BACK, with a trip to the aquarium and tips for styling your toddler for aquatic environments.

Layers are good. Who knows how hot or cold it will be in those hallways and tanks. And should you sneak outside and stand at the gate of the dolphin tank in order to watch the show from the front row without actually paying, you may want to put on a sweater to stay warm. 

Also, brights are the way to go. Reds, pinks, yellows. They offer nice contrast to the bluey greens of the fish houses.

I know. I gave my kid's outfit a lot of thought before we left. Truth. **ahem**


The aquarium was the ideal destination for this lover of all things aquatic. Educational, stimulating, she was mesmerized by the schools of fish, and learned at least half a dozen new vocabulary items. See, the pictures below are proof of how much she loved our little outing.

Hahahahahaha. Kidding. In fact, this mermaid gave not one fig about the fish. Nor the aquarium.

You see, I could tell you that she loved every second of this magical day, and show you the above pictures, and you'd believe me. When the truth is that these are lucky snaps portraying what looks like awe and focus, but what is really is just one moment in the range of of expressions exhibited by a toddler in a minute of perpetual motion and constant change. 

The only thing that Miss Stella-chan liked about the aquarium was the fact that it was full of stairs. And ramps. For running. Which she did a lot of. And there was a similarly unimpressed toddler with whom she bonded over a shared disdain for the BS fishes. So, they played hugs so hard until they both fell over. The dolphins were okay, but only because they did tricks and people clapped, and then S figured out that if she clapped too, people would clap for her and thus she could regain her rightful position as center of attention.

The one bright spot in an otherwise colourless and uninspiring (says the one-year-old) outting was the petting zoo (???) touch pond (???) tank with slow-moving and harmless fish which you are allowed to pick up. (???) Again, my kid cared not that there were awesome florescent orange and electric blue  starfish. She was just happy she was allowed to put her hands in the water and shake them around for hours on end. So.

In the end, a successful and enriching day out.

Also, we rode a REAL train. Which was a super big deal.


Stella Wore

Top - Polarn O. Pyret

Vest - Baby Gap

Jeans - Baby Gap

Shoes - Chucks

Cat Stickers - ???