Small Style, Scarf Style


My girl has a thing for scarfs. And shopping. I mean, she shops like a pro. Browses the racks, pulls out pieces she likes, checks the label, and says, "itty!" And, for once, I'm not joking. Truth absolute.

We popped into a shop we happened upon and found this little beauty. With the star motif, it was a perfect fit for Miss Stella Stelina. She insisted on wearing it home. And who was I to deny her? I mean, bold choice of contrasting patterns, yes, but the green echoed though in both pieces, and stars offered a nice pop agains the geometric shirt. Plus, there was a snap chill in the air, so. I mean, at least that was how she justified her selection when she explained it to me. Whatever, I think she rocked it.


Plus, she's in the final few days of her pox infestation, and she's been an absolute model patient. No whining, no scratching, and she's been doing my dishes for me. She deserves a reward, no?


Stella Wore

Top: Petite Personne 

Cardi: H&M

Jeans: Baby Gap

Shoes: See Kai Run

Scarf: Epice Kids

PS, last day to enter my first ever giveaway, and I would love it love it love it if you would. Please?