I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head

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Blue orange green{both images via color collective}

I have been thinking tropical thoughts. I'm all lightness and air, with dreams of mosquito nets and bright white light. I'm also dreaming of an apartment update, and vacillating between these two colour palates. Thoughts? (Ahem, I am totally aware that they're basically THE SAME with slight differces in intensity. But YOU GUYS, what if the Orange is too strong? Or the grey too dark? Or the green too minty. WHAT WILL I DO THEN??!?)

I've also been thinking about big cities, and traffic and hustle and bustle. If you have been too, watch this, from my former home, a place I loved, and hated and miss like crazy.

Perhaps the cutest bookends known to man from a store that I basically want to marry.

I have a daughter and therefore flower crowns will be made. Ohhhhh, come on summer, get here now.

I'm drooling over this wall art.

Here's some great advice to anyone wanting to start a blog. BTW, I followed none of it. Obviously.

I think I've said it before, but I have a major photo crush on Yan Palmer, and here she talks about her craft and her love of Instagram. PS, find me on Instragram, I'm @Expatria_Baby.

Oh, also I was featured on a little web roundup at Pocket Change

Okay...happy Monday to all.