Small Style, China Style


I got this dress in China and have been counting down the days until it was really warm enough for S to finally wear it. I love the bold, contrasting patterns, the covered buttons, and the Mandarin collar. Stella loves it too, declaring it very "itty."

Miss Stella is talking up a storm these days. Well, maybe more of a breeze. A year ago, she was barely babbling. I mean, she started with the ma-ma-mas and the da-da-das and the ba-ba-bas just sometime around her first birthday. And I was silently freaking out because OMG DELAYS and WE'RE IN JAPAN! I CAN'T GET SPEECH THERAPY for my child IN JAPANESE because THE ONLY WORD I KNOW is pee-pee. And then, suddenly bababababababa.


Now, she's stringing words together, making senteces, telling stories. She calls herslef bebe Della. And I'm not sure where that came from.

Stella's still using a mix of words and sign, some of them real (apple! elbow! bus! this way!) and some made up (bo = bread abobo = avocado and my personal favourite amam = food / eating {dir. nom nom nom}). While she's getting the hang of a lot of words, my girl is not a fan of leading consonants. Shoes are oose. Clothes are othes. And who really knows what the hell owwwww is.

I've been seeing a chiropractor, so we talk a lot about the Ahhhhhh! ::points finger in mouth while saying ahhhh:: which, obviously is a doctor. Because that's just exactly what docotors do, say ah!

The other day at breakfast her Papi asked her, "What are you going to do today?" and her response was, "Bebe Della! Go! Play!" When I told her that no, the park wasn't possible because it was raining, immediately launched into a stream of "Go! Bus! Downtown! Baby Della! Downtown." Which is proof that not only can she tell stories, make requests and communicate her needs, but she's capable of reasoning and logic and persuasive argument. So, basically, GENIOUS! But we all knew that was the case anyway, didn't we.


  Stella Wore:

Itty Dress - Tang 'roulou

ooes - See Kai Run