Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been following along with Scavenger Hunt Sunday for a while, seeing the meme pop up on blogs which I frequent, and I've long thought about getting my act together and joining in. But. Well, getting my act together has never really been a strong suit of mine. Until this week when I decided I was going to DO IT I SWEAR. But, turns out that a week is sort and being creative means that you have to get your brainz to work and stuff, so. Anyway. This is what I've got. Hopefully as the weeks go by, my act will slowly congregate, get together, and be strong. Until then....

1. Rainbow


I started off the week with good intentions. I was determined to get writing again, and do all the things, and catch up from last week's chickenpox stagnation, and the previous week's toilet training extravaganza. But see above and acts and my inability to get them together. Ha. Also life totally went kablamo. More on that later. Still, I have a nice notebook and pretty rainbow pens, so.

2. Fluffy


You guys, this one is a total stretch. kid's hair. Some major fluff. As the humidity builds and we enter rainy season it's getting fluffier. And though I know it bodes poorly for adolescence hence, (I mean, helllo...her hair came from some place, and I'm pretty familiar with that particular part of fuzztown), I'm pretty stoked about a return to baby curls.

3. Letters

Ahem. Pass.

4. Metal

My child's favrouite thing in all of creation is riding the subway. And in the ten minutes it takes to get from our stop to downtown, she cycles through sitting on the seat, hanging onto the handles, standing in the aisle, terrifying me with her toddlerish instability (mental and physical), and hanging onto the handrails. 

5. Trees


Not trees exactly, but sorta. Kinda? In our city there are several green buildings. Called thus because they are green. Literally. As in, covered in plants.