I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head


My girl and I had a weekend that was at times lovely (ice cream! park! playdates! pizza!) and stressful. Stella is missing her Papi like crazy. He's way down South Doing Important Things. So, I need some distraction, which I've found. I'm obsessing over pretty things. Open spaces. Lots of light. And colour colour colour.

And I may or may not have spent an unreasonable amount of time pretend shopping on the internet, stress relief, you see, where I may or may not have discovered that, OOPS, J.Crew AND Madwell ship to Japan.

Jcrew lemlem

Though I was thoroughly tempted, by these beautiful, wonderful pieces, my resolve did not falter. You'll be happy to know that, at least, Mr. Chef.

Just to offer a little balance to all that light and air, I also embraced my inner high school mean girl / social outcast who likes to bitch about the popular kids and how and how unbelievably lame they are. If you want spend some time down a rabbit hole of bitchy snark / self loathing / condescendery, I suggest that you click here. And explore the hell out of the forums.

Finally, I have a piece up on Babble right now. I'd be tickled if you'd check it out!

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