143/366 {clean}

  Photo 24

Remember when I told you that I wouldn't post a picture of my child's bare bottom? Well I guess I was kinda full of it because somehow I believe this picture to be okay.

Maybe I believe that because I just didn't have the straight to lift my camera yesterday.

Maybe that is because the day started out well, with pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty. But then progressed towards the type of day when your offspring communicates solely through whining and crying, and you do your best to be understanding and kind because you know that things aren't alright in their world, but it's really hard to be understanding and kind to an unreasonable jerk, especially when you discover slimy brown footprints and hand that are really really really dirty, so dirty with unmentionable substances.

But you keep your cool, shower your kid off, and head out to the park.

Where you discover a crazy mess of unmentionable substances has befallen her pants. And you take her to the Starbucks bathroom only to find that you have no wipes, no wetbag, and there's no soap in the bathroom. Because WHY would there be soap? Why??? So you strip her down, use toilet paper to give her a bath in the sink, and then stand her on the ground so you can regroup, and figure what you're going to do with the mess of clothes. And then she pees on the floor.

So, yeah. This day was a three-bath day.

All I can say is thank goodness for friends who meet you for coffee and come bearing hand sanitizer and wine. Really. THE BEST.