Small Style, Potty Style {Redux}

It was a big day today. My girl went off to daycare with no diaper on. Truth. 


I do not expect that she'll come home in the same outfit, so I thought that I'd better document the occasion. Here, stand by the flowers while I snap pictures of you on your first underwear day! We'll want that in the baby book! (p.s. I don't have a baby book).

Okay, SMILE, I'll make sure to post this on the internet so that the whole world knows what kind of situation you have going on downstairs.


For the past several days, Miss Stella Bella has been insisting on playing diapers. Aie down, Mama. Mama.Mama.Mama.Mama AIE DOWN. And then she "changes my diapers". (P.S. I don't actually wear diapers. Just so we're clear.) So, she's processing this whole pee-pee in the potty thing. Figuring it out. Babies wear diapers. Mamas don't. So it's hilarious to subvert reality, to change things around. AIE DOWN, MAMA!

I admit that this was a risk. Because of what happened yesterday. BUT, that debacle took place while fully diapered, and since things really couldn't get any worse, and since we had passed my self-imposed three-pees-in-the-potty-in-a-row threshold, and since S insisted that she wanted NO DIAPERS, I thought, okay. Let's go with it.

We'll see what happens.


Ahem. Toddlers. Body parts. So hilarious.


Stella Wore

Dress: Tea Collection procured during a super awesome sale. Kind of like they have going on now. Dresses for 15 dollas? YES PLEASE!!

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Minnetonka

Bow: AdornMeGirl


{updated:} OMG! She did it!!! Three hours and no accidents! High touch* all around!

*Japanese for high five. Obvs.