Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I so enjoyed last weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday that I'm joining up again. 

So, we're off!

Beneath Your Feet


Hey pigeons, what's up. I'm beneath your feet. 


Capturing Movement

In Japan, I don't get the impression that pigeons are thought of as the rat of the skies. In fact, they seem to be appreciated. So much so that the shrine at the bottom of my street offers pigeon food vending machines (of course) and a couple of weeks ago, an old lady filled my hands with bread crumbs so that I could feed the flock of pigeons that live on the grounds of the shrine. 



The torii (and dirty lens apparently) at our neighbourhood shrine on a rainy day. Massive tree trunks, green with age.

Face Your Fears

Creepy crawlies are a major fear of mine. Unfortunately I have to face them in Japan. Way more often than I'd like to.



Two years and one hour since my girl was born. Exactly. This was where and when we had her birthday party. Today.