Stella Turns TWO!!!

Oh my girl! She turned two yesterday. While my heart is full of sentimental ramblings and blubbering idiocy about how sweet this wee little bunny is, I'll spare you. Because, after all, what you really want is pictures of The Most Awesome Day Of Awesomeness, RIGHT??

Here you go: 

We started the day with oatmeal, extra blueberries and maple syrup. Because she's so sweet.


And then post-breakfast presents. This was the first present occasion which she really "got" the whole present concept. As a big present fan myself, I can tell you that I'm very pleased about this development. 


 The bus puzzle from her Aunt. A very very VERY big hit. BUS!!


A sweater from Grannie. Also much loved. So much so, that it needed to be worn RIGHT AWAY.

Then it was off to the toy store where she got to pick any toy she wanted, care of Mama and Papi.


 Testing out her new found love, the shopping cart. 


Next up, a ride on the subway (aka the BUS!). Probably the most exciting part of the day. Then it was home for a plate of noodles, and a nap. 

And it may or may not be true that I, too, fell asleep, and the snoozy household was snoozing so well that we almost missed our own birthday party. Oops. But then, I was just trying to be true to my heritage by being late and stuff. You know. It's a thing that we do.


 Cake (egg free, dairy free, sugar full!) made by Papi while I napped. Because the cup cakes I made the day before, let's not even talk about those. Except I'll say that there has never before been a greater gastronomic catastrophe.


There were bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. 


See. Bubbles.


And for the grown-ups too. Out of paper cups, because we're classy like that. 


And presents. This from Stella's BFF, which has been a big hit, btw.



Oh, birthday girl. You are the sweetest little lovely ever.


 Then after all the cake was eaten, and all the bubbles blown, it was off to the playground for sliding.


Then home, and pizza for dinner. A favourite of Stella's. 

Really. Perfection. My girl. This day. Thanks for indulging me.