We got up at 4:30 this morning. Though, we had been awake since three. Restless tossing and scratching drove off drowsiness. I lay on the cot in her room, while she scratched and turned, sat up and stared for a while, then pitched her body towards the mattress, with no relief.

She clapped her hands when I lifted her out of her crib. Pointing to her chest and said, Mama? Funny joke, monkey.

I was tired like a hangover, and my stomach sour from three cups of coffee. But we did the dishes, and swept the floor and talked to our people on skype. 

Photo 20

Nap time came with white sheets and open curtains.

In the kitchen I closed my notebook, to do lists postponed. We'll make it easy today, I told my girl. 

Photo 21

We left piles of laundry on the couch and crumbs on the floor. We put out pans of water, whisks and measuring cups. We blew bubbles on the balcony, and waved to the big girls below. We ordered pizza and ate in front of the TV. My girl climbed into my lap and pressed her cheek into mine. She demanded my last piece of crust, and got it. Then she held out her last piece for me to bite, and said, "appy!"

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-Counting Down to Mothers Day