UnoTelly has changed my life and if you love TV and all that is holy, you must enter this giveaway

I pride myself on the fact that my child has no idea who Elmo is. And I would love for you to believe that I have managed some sort of coup  of hippie  screen-free genius, but alas, this is not the case.


The only thing keeping my child from knowing the wonders of Elmo and his third-person squeaky parlance is my ip address. I live in Asia, and that fact excludes me from the freedoms of Internet television. No Netflix for me. No Hulu. No Amazon on demand. I can't even listen to Pandora. Or sign up for Spottily. I know. LIfe. How do I go on living it.


I missed out on the Downton Abby craze, unable to stream it from the PBS app, even though it was RIGHT THERE. Girls, the buzz show du jour is similarly beyond my reach. I can't watch Top Chef and secretly imagine how my husband, International Chef Superstar, would smoke all of those wanna be cooks and make them into bacon kabobs. Without Teen Mom, my life is an empty void. I can't hate-watch the Kardashians, or the Housewives. Basically, everythin is terrible.


Worst of all, my poor husband can't shout at the TV while he watches his beloved Edmonton Oilers loose yet another hockey game.


In the past I've gone to extreme measures to get my TV fix. There have been fake DVDs, but the quality is shoddy, and the random Russian dubs or occasional shadowy figure who stands up in front of the dude who is illegally recording the movie in a theater kind of interferes with the whole experience.


We've gone the VPN route, but even in Japan, home of super fast internet, the images get pixelated, and everything loads slow slow slow. And in China? Forget it.


We've invested in a cloak box, a router with a built-in American IP. And that's fine, until it stops working about 90 minutes into operation, which is less than ideal when I am in the middle of a Breaking Bad marathon. Then it's all, reset router, shut down browser, clear cookies, and wait for everything to reload. And then I'm like, zzzzzz, bed.


So, along comes UnoTelly. And I'm an official convert. An evangelist. A true believer. You guys, UnoTely has solved all my TV problems. They didn't pay me to say this. I'm 100 percent super beyond ecstatic about this product.


UnoTelly is a DNS based service, that works with basically any device that can connect to the web. Smartphones, computers, Xboxes. I have it set up on my desktop, my laptop, my iPad, and best yet, my Apple TV. Hello, Netflix in Japan.  And it WORKS. EVERY TIME! And is not slow. Not in the least. And best of all, I can watch Breaking Bad for hours and hours and hours without any pixelation or router resets.


Yo, Mr. White! UnoTelly is AMAZING.


Setting up the service on my computers was total pie. I ran into a few minor issues, but those were related to my own bonkers network settings left over from the above mentioned VPN debacle.


Setting up the service on my Apple TV was a bit more difficult (mainly because I am dumb), but I sent off a help request through their website, and no joke, a response came within 10 minutes. Enter these numbers here, you dummy.* Problem solved.



*My interpretation of what was, in reality, a much more polite, even delightful exchange of emails.)


UnoTelly lets you access websites like Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix, along with apps like the BBC iPlayer and Hulu that deny internatioal viewrs. You can watch amazing F1 races that you'd otherwise be barred from seeing (Hi DAD!!) And, in case you're Canadian like me you can get on the CTV website, or the NHL something something and watch the Oilers loose yet another hockey game.

Now, here's the fun part. UnoTelly is offering one of you lovely readers a free subscription to their services.


To enter this giveaway, all you  need to do is comment below. Tell me your favorite TV show / must-see movie, or most loved hate-watch. (Or just comment. Really. I'm trying to mine all of you for TV ideas. That is all).


For additional chances to win, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, follow me on HelloCotton, subscribe to my feed, creep me on Instagram or find another way to stalk me. Just leave a comment below for each entry.

This giveaway is open until Friday, 22 June. Enter now. Enter often.

Seriously, you guys. If you live outside of the US (or if you live IN the us and want access to British TV, which, sorry Americans, is far more awesome) you want to win this. And if you don't win, sign up for the service. There's an eight day free trial available. Do it. Go.

Fine Print: I was not monetarily compensated for this post, and all content and ideas are mine mine mine. I did receive a lifetime UnoTelly subscription for review purposes. However, I promise you that if I had bought this with my own money, I'd love it just as much. It's seriously that amazing.