171/366 {packed}


When I was small and my dad would go away on business trips, I would ask him to pack me up and put me in his suitcase so that I could go too.

Looks like the cats have the same idea.

Other than a few odds and ends, we're packed and ready to hit the road (sky!) tomorrow bright and early.

This will be the first flight with a (semi) potty trained little one (eek) and the first trip where I might expect a few moments of peace because Stella has surpassed that magical two-year-old milestone and can now watch TV (hooray!). 

Stella is obsessed with Olivia (Eee-me-ia) and will sit slack-jawed in front of the iPad basking in all the animated piggy glory. I'm not too sad about this fact. 

24 hour flights with a kid who doesn't sleep? Passssha! Whateves. Give me what you've got, air travel, Oh yeah, me and Eee-me-ia, we've got this.