New Stuff And A Winner

There's all sorts of things I want to talk about, namely the continued debate about Attachment Parenting and Feminism; jet lag and her evil twins, A Case of Massive Bitchface and iPad As Substute Parent When You Are So. Flaming. Tired. 

But alas, I will save all of this for later. For right now, I'm working on moving my blog from one platform to another. So, please bare with me as I make this change. Also do let me know if things look strange, or if links don't work or anything else that could make your blog reading experience more pleasurable. We're here to help. Your opinion matters to us (hahahaha. I'm an idiot. Also, barf).


Stella and I are off on another adventure tomorrow. You know, because we've been stationary for all of two minutes. This time we're flying up to Canada where I get to see all of my friends (almost) who are apparently pretty much all pregnant. I'm preparing for a bad case of belly envy with a side of baby feaver. Oh well!  On the bright side, more wine for meeeeeeeeee!

From there, we'll be heading up North to the wilds of Georgian Bay where laziness is plentiful but the Internet is not. So posting might be light. If you miss me, you can just drink some wine. 


Oh, one more thing! good news, MIKE!! You're the winner of the UnoTelly giveaway. Congratulations. I'll be in touch. And I'd suggest you get your Breaking Bad on.


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