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It's official! I can now let the cat out of the bag. We're moving! To Indonesia! Jakarta, to be exact. In aboabout one month from now. Holy jinglebox.


I'm simultaneously bursting out of my skin with excitement and freaking out because SHIZNWOEINXNDIOESI!!! Jakarta! A month!!! I get home from vacation and move a week later! I think!

Gha! Packing! Boxes! Things! To dos! Bathing suits to by! Typhoid to get inoculated against! Visas! Paperwork! Ummmm...hammock! Coconuts! Sate! Crazy crazy crazy big city life! Insane traffic! Heat! Humidity! Pools! 

So much to do. So much to process, but for now, I'm focusing on one thing only, saying hey, Winter, sayonara sucker! I will not be cold for like three whole years, and that is about the best thing ever.