148-153 / 366 {catch up}

I took a bit of a 366 break. I didn't touch my DSLR in days. We had a tough week. Tantrums. OMG the tantrums. A messy house and some cat-related disasters. There was also plenty of crying, whining, and crywhining.Teeth? Who knows. But what is certain is that constant physical contact was essential but it was also terrible and unwelcome. A toddler paradox.

Also, the waiting continues. Uncertainty upon uncertainty upon uncertainty.

Still, there were some high points. Notably, official, certified potty training success. And the first splash pad of the season. Plus a gigantic helping of ice cream. So.

PicMonkey Collage

Lipstick. A balm on a crappy day. But actually, it only made my day crappier because I was so frustrated by poor service and over-priced Japanese shenanigans. // There was a lot of running away from me. // An tantrums. This one was at her self. // Cat disaster. Along with many broken things. // Mama UP! Mama down. Mama UP! Mama down. Repeat a million times. // Full to the brim with underpants and shorts. First diaper-free trip downtown. // Messes. // More running away. // And the park. The one, reliable happy place.