Futamigaura Beach

The chef and I were talking about how we haven't really taken advantage of our time here. Three years, and almost nothing to show for it. No pins on maps denoting sights seen, no marker lines crisscrossing this island representing journeys remembered. 

So, Satruday night, we impulsivly rented a car. In Japanese. Eep. 

We picked it up on Sunday morning and drove out along the coast towards Itoshima. We drove along the Sunset Road, which apparently is a favourite for lovers, and surfers, stopping at a German bakery, until we arrived at Futamigaura Beach.

And oh, it was lovely. Blue blue blue water. Clear skies. Waves and cool ocean. And the best, this view.



We were there in the morning, owing to the fact that we keep toddler hours, but the sun apparently sets directly behind the torii. 

PicMonkey Collage

This little girl was pretty stoked about our trip. When we told her that we were going to the beach, she got all our shoes ready for us, and was a torrent of "go! go! go! beach! go!" while the slow poke adults readied our things.

And of course, once we arrived, she ran directly into the freezing ocean. And we could not get her out until we plied her with treats at a cafe up the beach. 


It was lovely. And I heartily recommend a trip up this way if you're in the area.