188 / 366 {sounds}

While we were up at the bay, I took one or two naps. Okay. A lot of naps. ALRIGHT, an obscene amount of naps (for which, I received some derision). There were days when I may have doubled up on the daytime snoozes. Still, I may remind you that I have a toddler suffering the latent effects of jet lag, a toddler who also happens to have a proclivity for randomly waking up for three and a half hours in the night.

And whatever, each nap was accpomanied by a soundtrack of a circular saw and power drill. My brother-in-(common)-law was basically forced in to slave labour for the duration of our stay while my Pops built a deck.

This basic premise plays out each and every year: Father engaged in some sort of elaborate and ill-advised construction project; brother-in-(common)-law forced into servitude; me, interrupted naps.