191 / 366 {pool fail}

Psssst. Don't tell Mr. Chef, but I left my camera charger at the cottage. Whatever, it's kind of a tradition and stuff. A new electronic charger has been purchased on all but a handful of vacations. And let's not forget that one memorable vacation in which a certain someone jumped off a boat into a lake with a camera in his pockets.



Well, then I guess I shouldn't mention that time back in digital pre-history when iPods cost nearly a month's rent, and were were student poor, that I washed a certain (very understanding) person's iPod. In the laundry machine. It was never revived.


Anyway, all this to say, my camera is out of bats, and so therefore iPhone pictures.

Of a failed pool outing. They said due to "equipment malfunction", which I think probably means some a-hole's kid shat in the pool. 

There were a few tears when S realized we weren't going In! Pool! KICK KICK KICK! But her disappointment was tempered by a frozen yoghurt and a ride in a shopping cart. Word.