Oh, right. We're Moving.

Remember that time that I was moving in less than two weeks from now?


Yup. It's still happening.


And that's right, I'm still in North America. 


So anyway, here's a little update on this totally bonkers situation that I call my life.


We're moving. To Jakarta. We know that we have to be there on the first of August. But beyond that, that's about it.


Well, we also know that Stella and I are heading back to North America on Thursday. And that we'll be back in Japan on Friday. And that the following Monday or Tuesday, we'll have to go to Tokyo for some sort of visa fandango. We'll fly up and back in the same day. Because why not!? It's not like we'll be jet lagged or anything.


And then, a couple of days later, Mr. Chef will fly back to Tokyo to get our visas. Also, somewhere in this mix, our stuff will be put in boxes, I'll make critical decisions about what things will go in the tree suitcases that we'll be living out of for two months, and the movers will come and put our stuff in a container and it'll get on a ship and sail off towards the equator. 


Oh, and I also have to fit in a hair appointment, because there is no way on Mother Nature's Green Earth that I'm moving and meeting new people without pretty hairs. I have my priorities and stuff. 


In the interim, I'm worrying about such important issues as the correct wardrobe selections for our new life (to bare shoulders or no? Should I have gotten another sun dress, or can I have one made there?} Why could I not find that pair of violet shorts I so wanted??! Should I have substituted the neon green ones instead? Do I have enough anti-diarrhea medicine to last a calamitous street food incident? Will I finally learn to spell the word diarrhea? Should I have gotten my Chef another pair of shorts? Probably.  What's the bacon situation like? How can I eat all of the tacos in the world between now and tomorrow? How will I fit a wooden balance bike into my luggage? Can I take it carry-on? Pushing my toddler though Chicago O'Hare airport on two wheels? 


Gah, so many important issues to consider.  


I can barely focus on the fact that I'll  have about 7 days to organize the move.


Oh, wait, maybe that's the point.