179-184 / 366 {summer}

Things have been slow around here. The internet is molasses, and days sneak by until suddenly it's nap time and then, we need to take a steam and then eat dinner and then it's nine o'clock and the baby is still up. 

We breazed our way through Eastern Ontario, visiting friends and family, and having a quick taste of my old life in my hometown. We then headed up North and here we are, lake-side.

Basically, we're doing up summer the way it is meant to be done. Hamburgers on the barbecue, boat rides, visits with friends, swimming, beaches, bacon, bubbles, and projects, like sup-irrigated planters. There may or may not have also been some naps. Okay, truth, lots and lots of naps. This is all punctuated, of course, with a soundtrack of sawing and hammering, which might be the antithesis of relaxing to most, but to me, is exactly what summer sounds like.