203-208 / 366 {from there to here}

Remember that time I said that I'd update my 366 project with a million crappy iPhone pictures? Ha. About that. I've had a busy schedule of cowering in the corner in fear and overwhelm, desperately attempting to prevent my toddler from single handedly destroying an entire restaurant, and trying to understand whether the bill I'm holding in my hand is  in fact ten dollars, one dollar or ten cents. Needless to say, things have been hectic around here, so I've just been napping it all out. Anyway, consider this your pictorial update of what moving to a new country with a seven day window and a raging case of jet lag is all about. Okay, GO!


Napping baby feet on a flight to and from Tokyo for a visa run. Might I mention that we had a window of two hours in which to get our visas done? And our 7 am flight was canceled? And that we had to scramble and scrape and stave off a million heart attacks to get rebooked in time to make the visa cut off? And that we got our boarding passes about 15 minutes before the flight took off? Oh, and I was like in the throws of majah jet lag? So, all in all, a very pleasant way to spend a day.

This is hippie Xanax. It is also total hippie bullshit. I much prefer the real stuff.

My last home cooked meal for ages. So what if it is a bowl of microwaved chickpeas and a poached egg? I made it! In my own kitchen! And I won't be doing much cooking until our shipment arrives sometime around next augvember. 

Good bye little house. Good bye antlers that I really hope make it through customs because they are fake replicas of dear antlers that were fakely found in the fake woods in fake Canada. Also they are totally fake. I wrote it down on the moving forms. So it's like official and stuff. 

Moving day courage beer.

Stop over in Singapore and what else to do than eat dosa. Because it's been about a million years since I've had a good one. This little darling fit the bill perfectly.

Hello equator. We hadn't had the pleasure of crossing you before. So far I think you're pretty rad.

Here, finally. And this little monkey thinks that the pool is pretty rad, too.