Selendang Baby Carrier

I've long been a fan of babywearing, and now I've got a new one in my collection. Hello, selendang. I like you.

At first I wore my kid because I was a dogmatic, holier than thou Attachment Parenting mass-hole. And then because it was the only way I could do basic housework and keep us from drowning under an avalanche of cat hair (PS sling + vacuum = colicky baby opium). 

Now we continue with babywearing because we both like it. I like to have my girl on my hip where I can chat with her and pat her bottom. She likes to ride up with me, out of the fray, and see what I see.

When we first moved to Jakarta, Stella insisted on taking the carrier everywhere. And that was cool with me, because this is no stroller city. I figured that Stella felt safe riding up with me in this new, unfamiliar environment. 

I then noticed all these women with beautiful carriers. Amazing fabric wrapped simply, like a ring sling, without a ring. Later I learned that they're called selendang which, (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm really talking out of my ace here) is also the word to describe the shawl for head covering that Muslim women use in Indonesia.)

It was on Indonesian Independence day, and I figured we needed some batik to celebrate, so we popped into a textile shop and Stella picked out this lovely. 

We take it everywhere. And we love it. It's small, light, cool and easy. I want a million more. 


Indonesia is breading in me an unhealthy obsession with textiles. Just FYI.