Alright. So. First day of preschool. No biggie, right? 

Except it totally was a huge biggie! Like the biggest! We were both so excited!

See? Doesn't this face just scream EXCITEMENT!!

Stella is in the same class as her Jakarta BFF, and for about five days now, Stella's been talking about how they're going to school together! School! School! (PS she had no concept of what exactly school is, but the lack of that curital piece of information did not slow my girl down. Not one bit. School!)

The girls ride together to school in the mornings. And Stella was intently waiting for her friend to arrive. She insisted on wearing her backpack, which heretofore was considered a torturous devil implement, but she wanted to wear it. Wike fwiend.

These are details that are mundane and totally banal to everyone but me. I mean, come on. Lady. A cube in which you place a backpack. Get a grip.

But a cubby! For my girl! Just like in North America! These little details do so much to stir my heart and make me feel like she's experiencing a little bit of my own culture and my own history here in Jakarta 

We sang songs, played games, painted camels (obvs) faught over toys. The usual. And had a healthy dose of prentend kitchen. And babies. Which is pretty much exactly what we do at home, but you know. It's better. Because it's AT SCHOOL. 

Alright. Fine. Whatever. Toddlers. 

In fact, Stella was so enthusiastic about the whole school thing that she launched into all school-related activities with gusto. Particularly the conga-line choo-choo song which is used as a very effective toddler containing device when the need arises to transport toddlers from room to room. 

Let's just say that the other children did not fully appreciate her enthusiasm nor her full contact, massive bear hugs which she mistakenly took for good ol' fashion choo-choo fun. Liza won't you blow your HOOOOOOOORRRRN!