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I'm joining up for InstaFriday for the first time today, in part because it's rad, and in part because a picture tells a thousand words and I feel the past week has crammed a lifetime of experiences in each and every one of the seven days. I could never tell you all about everything. Better I show you, la.

BUT, my 'Gram habit has been severely curtailed due to a lack of internet in Japan, and an as of yet phoneless existence since moving to Jakarta. Yikes. Anywho, enough nonsense about nothing, here's what we've been up to. Nothing much, really. Except, you know, JUST MOVING to INDONESIA.

Riding out to the airport. My kid was beside herself with excitemet at the idea that her Papi was going on the same airplane WITH her and the same time OMG BEST THING EVER!!!

Saying bye-bye to Japan, our home for the past 3 years. It was a little bitter-sweet, but let's face it, I've never been that good at bowing, and well, eating fish is just not really something I do. So, time to move on. Obvs.


The flight was pretty much an constant stream of MAMA! COLOURING!!!! MAMA! COLOURING! Which makes doing important things like watching Mad Men or drinking free wine slightly less straightforward than I like and leads me to wonder why it's never, PAPI!!! COLOURING!!! PAPIIIIIIII!!!!!

First view of Jakarta. It reminded me of flying into Singapore with all the container ships glittering in the twilight. Seriously. Gorge.

So, um the stress of organizing a move in 7 days kind of got to me. So, we did a lot of recovering pool side. A lot. 


Finally venturing outside, and then coming back home for tea parties. And that was totally picture worthy because it was like THE FIRST tea party we've ever hosted. Jimmy Frog and Coco Monkey (who is actually an orangutan) were all invited. Though Coco monkey is a bit impulsive and he burnt his mouth on hot tea. About a million times. Silly sausage. 


 Foliage. Because it looks exotic and stuff.

 Guess who ventured out beyond the confines of our gilded cage and saw something of the city with her own big girl self?!! THIS LADY. Oh yes. Behold, the Indonesian National Monument. As much as I wanted to go check out the views from the top, my kid had her heart set on taming the stray cats and trying to stealthily blend in with a group of Indonesian school children. She was not successful on either front, however, we were both successful in having an awesome time and being super stoked about our new home.

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