243 / 365 {ketupat}

My husband texted me today, in a huff (if one can text in a huff, which I believe that one can) asking why there was rice all over the room. Well, this, dear husband, is the reason. Your darling daughter's cultural education, which is taking place right before your eyes (and all over the floor.)

Ketupat is a rice dumpling made by weaving together a case of coconut leaves, then filling the vessel half full with uncooked rice (great hand-eye coordination exercise for the toddler set, btw). The dumplings are then boiled for, ohhhhh SEVEN HOURS, to produce tender and delicate little cakes which are served as special Lebearan food. Yum.

Anyway, all of this to say, I love my kid's preschool where she learns all manner of wonderful things and I also believe that a blog is a great place to air your marital woes. Ahem.