269 / 366 {walk}

So. We're expats, and *gasp* we don't have a driver *shock* *horror* *brain aneurism* *incomprehensible vom don't understand brain fluid leaking can not compute*.

Granted, life would be slightly easier if I didn't have to spend 15 minutes standing on the curb trying to hail a cab. But then my toddler wouldn't learn to mimic my hand gestures and raise her arm at random intervals, when she sees a blue car. And I wouldn't be flooded with cuteness.

I might glide through life just a little easier if I didn't have to endure the lude gestures of some rando dude on a motercycle as I walked down to a busy intersection to find a taxi, but then I wouldn't get to flip the bird at sex starved douchebags. And I really like flipping the bid. Also saying mother trucker. With less t and more f.

But I do draw the line at concerned (Caucasian) citizens pulling up beside me in their gigantic SUVs asking if I needed help or a ride or where in god's green earth I was off to alone, curb side, arm raised in mid taxi-summons motion. Come ON people. Get outta your gilded castles. Take a cab. Or possibly the city bus. You'll continue to live and breathe and exist and be alive and the planet will still turn on it's axis, and no one will cut your throat and steal your louis vuitton fancy pants social climbing status indicating hand bag. 


Also, the advantages of walking down the street to the intersection to hail a cab? Noticing pretty things like this.